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Rapid impact projects

To supplement its methodology, the PFP uses a strategy named Rapid Impact Projects (RIP), which consists of executing projects that are stagnant due to lack of resources, are awaiting the go-ahead from some entity at the National Government level, or are funded but have not been articulated.  In addition to its social impact on the border communities, this strategy is also intended to generate confidence among the local players, who have repeatedly reiterated their perception of being neglected by the Colombian State. 3 projects are currently in process and 5 additional ones have been formulated:

Projects in Process

  • Subregion 4, Municipality of Villa del Rosario, Department of Norte de Santander: Binational Cultural Center Project. Cost: COP$ 300 million. Execution: 100%
  • Subregion 10, Municipality of Cumbal, Department of Nariño: Electrification project for the Mayasquer indigenous reservation (Pastos community) Cost: COP$ 705 million. Fully funded. Construction has been started.
  • Subregion 11, Municipalities of Tumaco and Barbacoas, Department of Nariño: Project for the construction of school cafeterias for the Awa indigenous community. Cost: COP$ 236 million. Fully funded.  Construction has been started.

Formulated Projects

  • Subregion 1, Municipality of Maicao, Township of Paraguachon: Project for the construction of 150 prefabricated houses. Cost: COP$ 3.3 billion. Fully funded.
  • Subregion 2, Perija Mountain Range (5 municipalities of Guajira and Cesar): Comprehensive social plan for coffee growers. Cost: COP$ 24 billion.  50% funded.
  • Subregion 3, Municipality of Tibu: Education for young people on constitutional and citizenship topics. Cost: COP$ 128 million. Funding to be obtained.
  • Subregion 3, Catatumbo area, with the Bari indigenous community: Dual purpose cattle project. Cost: COP$ 200 million. Funding to be obtained.

Subregion 5, Municipality of Puerto Carreño, Department of Vichada: Project for construction of 134 houses for displaced persons. Cost: COP$ 4 billion. Funding to be obtained.

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