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Its objective is to strengthen the Colombian community abroad, promoting work teams to  consolidate trust and the development of projects between our migrants. It will also facilitate the dissemination of management of the Colombia Nos Une Program among the migrant community and enable us to learn the needs of its members. The Plan includes multipliers in the main destinations of Colombian migrants.

Within this framework, business opportunities, strategic alliances and associative entrepreneurial projects are promoted, as well as connections in different areas. Within this sphere of activity, the Plan emphasizes the entrepreneurial enterprise development program, Promicro, which provides support for micro-companies of Colombians abroad in order to strengthen their economic progress through the consolidation of a support network that provides education, technical assistance and facilitates access to micro credits for businesses wishing to commence or expand in New York and New Jersey. This will be implemented through partner entities which facilitate the economic integration of migrants to the United States.

Special Promotion Programs
The Special Programs for Promotion of Colombian Communities Abroad center on cultural, artistic, sports and training activities, aimed at benefiting Colombians in a particular consular area, whose purpose is to preserve, strengthen and consolidate their national identity by highlighting Colombian historical, cultural and social values. This work is projected and implemented through the respective Consulate or Consular Section.

Mobile consulates
Mobile Consular services constitute an activity that requires one or several officials to travel outside their consulates and within their particular area, in order to provide consular services and procedures for the Colombian population who, because of the distances involved, are unable to visit the Consulate.

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