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Outstanding Human Talent Abroad

This strategy is aimed at contributing to finding, identifying and establishing contact with Colombians living abroad whose entrepreneurial, academic or artistic achievements are outstanding.

Identification implies the creation of a database containing the contact information of outstandingly talented Colombians, as well as a summarized proposal setting out the contributions that each of them could make to the development of this country.

In order for outstanding Colombian human talent abroad to be able to participate in the productive, academic and artistic sectors, events are planned during which it will be possible for direct contact to be made between the two parties with a view to the transfer of competencies, abilities and knowledge.

This activity includes the design of a ‘Time Bank’ in which outstanding Colombians give their free time during which they are available to share their knowledge and competencies with a particular sector.

In addition, a strategy through which to visualize the achievements and/or merits of outstanding Colombians abroad is sought in order to disseminate information on the success and achievements of these fellow nationals through different media.

This effort is designed to complement work done within the framework of the CIDESAL (Creation of Knowledge Diasporas Incubators for Latin America - Création d'incubateurs de diasporas des savoirs pour l'Amérique Latine) project, which is being implemented in Colombia under an agreement between the French Research Institute for the Development (Institut de recherche pour le développement) - IRD, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the International Organization for Migration - IOM.

Creation of Knowledge Diasporas Incubators for Latin America - CIDESAL
The Project for the inclusion of highly qualified Colombians (CIDESAL) consists of the identification, classification and articulation of highly qualified Colombians living abroad who can contribute their experience and knowledge to the innovation, science and technology on which the National Government is focused.

The aim of this initiative is to create incubators of knowledge so that awareness of the highly qualified diaspora can be incorporated into academic, technological and development processes in Colombia.

All Colombian professionals who live abroad who are either in or have completed their postgraduate, master’s degree, doctorate or post-doctorate courses, or who are attached to the academic, productive, governmental or foundational sector, among others, can participate in this program from the countries where they live. Their knowledge thus becomes social capital of the greatest importance to leverage innovative strategies that facilitate the transfer of this knowledge and create scenarios for a positive return home.

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