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In accordance with the functions established in Decree 3355/2009, the San Carlos Diplomatic Academy has entered into multiple cooperation agreements and covenants with Diplomatic Academies of other countries, with several Think Tanks engaged in Political and International Topics, as well as with different local and foreign Academic Institutions, where there are undergraduate and/or post-graduate programs in place related to international relations and political activities.
Such agreements and covenants mainly deal with issues such as: cooperation in common academic fields of interest; exchange of professors, researchers and lecturers, as well as participation and exchange of students and the reciprocal dissemination of the respective academic formation programs. 
Since 1980, in furtherance of the Cooperation Agreement between Colombia and France and through an inter-institutional agreement with Universidad Externado de Colombia, the program “Master’s Degree in Analysis of Political, Economic and International Contemporary Issues” has been successfully developed.
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