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The Diplomatic Academy cooperates with the Instituto de Altos Estudios para el Desarrollo –IAED- in the periodic publication of the magazine “Latin American Studies Booklets” which promotes and disseminates research resulting from the framework of the Master’s degree in Analysis of Political, Economic and International Contemporary Issues, jointly offered by the San Carlos Diplomatic Academy and the IAED.
Likewise, the San Carlos Diplomatic Academy contributes, in association with other academic institutions, with the compilation of academic texts on international relations and foreign policy of Colombia. Among these, there is “Europe and Colombia: A more dynamic and effective insertion” which was the result of the conferences given within the framework of the International Seminar organized by the Diplomatic Academy and Universidad del Rosario to study such topic.
Furthermore, the San Carlos Diplomatic Academy participates in the preparation of memoirs of the lectures that are organized from time to time with other academic institutions. 
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